Laminated Panels

When it comes to laminated panels, we go beyond the basics to offer our customers complete supply chain management including materials sourcing, warehousing, production and distribution. For over 10 years we have been building relationships with the leading producers of adhesives, surfaces and substrates to ensure our products contain the best materials and that we can offer them to you at the most competitive price. We have dedicated lamination lines for both hot and cold glue applications ensuring that Genesis can meet any of your lamination program needs. With a focus on quality and continuous improvement, Genesis Products stands behind all of our panels, from start to finish.

Substrate options include:

Particle Board
Softwood Plywood
Non-Woven Composite Panels

Surfaces options include:

Thin Vinyl (2-6 mL)
Thick Industrial Vinyl (8-30 mL)
HPL (High-Pressure Laminate)
High-Gloss Acrylic
Sheet Metal

Specialty Laminate Products

For unique projects, we source several unusual films and finishes. We are the exclusive distributor of Senosan ultra high-gloss acrylic surface. The characteristics of each of these surfaces make them ideal for specific uses.

High Gloss Acrylic Series
This high-performance, ultra high-gloss acrylic surface is popular in Europe and is perfect for modern furniture, appliances, cabinetry and store fixtures.
Poly-Bead Flooring
Poly-Bead 5-Bar HDPE panels are factory-laminated on one or both sides. They are resistant to chemicals, moisture, mold and abrasion, and are easy to install and wash. Their skid-resistance and durability make them perfect for cargo flooring.
Soft Touch Films
Soft Touch Films add texture and tactile softness to a variety of surfaces. When used in an interior, these films provide comfort and elegance without the expense and weight of other surface coverings.