Recreation Vehicles

From the beginning, Genesis has built its reputation on providing customized solutions for the RV industry. Our partnerships with RV manufacturers began early on in our company history, and helped us develop a depth of knowledge on the unique needs of the industry. In addition to our expertise, one key advantage to partnering with Genesis is our broad capabilities.

From a product standpoint, we provide panels, moldings, interior components and doors, all built to suit individual RV designs. As a partner, we can act as a one-stop supply chain manager for materials – ordering wood, films and lightweight composites – while maintaining a warehoused inventory of everything you need to fulfill your production run. After years of experience, our in-house engineers and designers offer innovative advice and consultation on the complexities of RV interior planning – from weight and material restrictions, to style and aesthetic considerations.

In the RV industry, we know that every detail and every minute matters – and make an extra effort to get it right, every time. To demonstrate our commitment to customers, we communicate frequently and offer daily deliveries within the Elkhart area. Our goal is to offer much more than a typical supplier or outsourcing partner, with a proactive relationship that feels more in-house than outsourced.

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